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Muscle Cars & Classics Can Koozie, White
Model: 3499273
Condition: NEW
Premium 4mm Collapsible Can Cooler Holds Most 12-16 oz. Cans, Longnecks, and Water Bottles …
$5.99 ea
Covercraft DashMat® Original Custom Dash Cover
Model: 3103573
Condition: NEW
Since 1979 DashMat has been the most recognized, best selling dash protector available. Custom-patterned for a perfect fit, DashMats help protect the dash surface from UV sun and/or cover blemishes and imperfections in older…
$41.99 ea
'Wedge' Vehicle Organizer, Black
Model: 3005317
Condition: NEW
Approximately 9.5 Wide, 4 Deep, 5 High Great For Vehicles With Limited Space Inexpensive Yet Sturdy Holds Two Medium To Large Sized Cups Can Easily Be Moved Between Vehicles The Wedge Organizer is perfect for all types of vehicles…
$14.99 ea
OER Secret Formula 32 Oz TNT Gel Extended Life Tire and Trim Dressing K89616
Model: 3447184
Condition: NEW
This unique formula quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires to hydrate and provide lasting protection. Simply wipe on using a pad and TNT gel restores the look of faded tires, trim, bumpers, seals and weatherstrip. What's more is that…
$23.99 ea
OER Secret Formula Pro-Polish 32 Oz Light Cut Final Step Polish K89608
Model: 3447151
Condition: NEW
This bodyshop safe, 100% wax and silicone free polish will prepare any paint for the perfect sealant. Rapidly remove light scratches, swirls, key scratches, fingernail scratches, and other imperfections. Will eliminate 3000 grit…
$39.99 ea
OER Secret Formula 16 Oz Natural Shine Matt Finish Protectant K89480
Model: 3447029
Condition: NEW
OER® Natural Shine Matt Finish Protectant is a water-based natural look dressing. It leaves surfaces supple, protected against damaging UV radiation, lasts for weeks and nicely complements a clean interior. Cleans, protects and…
$13.99 ea
OER Secret Formula Slick It Clay Bar Lubricant and Spray Wax 1 Gallon K89445
Model: 3446987
Condition: NEW
OER® Slick It Clay Bar lubricant is essential to the performance and safety of clay. It provides the necessary slick surface for clay to glide on. Using low quality clay lubes or cheap detail sprays will deteriorate your bar and lead…
$32.99 ea
OER Secret Formula No. 47 Premium Hard Carnauba Paste Wax - 7 Oz. Can K89440
Model: 3057364
Condition: NEW
This product is a favorite among professionals in the industry as well as automotive connoisseurs who insist on the finest quality. Made from 100% pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax, this hard paste wax leaves any finish with an exceptionally…
$26.99 ea
OER Secret Formula 12 Oz DA Paint Sealant Plus Carnauba K89601
Model: 3456862
Condition: NEW
Just one coat of this sealant is all you need to protect your car's finish for six to eight MONTHS, not to mention a shine and brilliance that can only be achieved with OER® Secret Formula DA Paint Sealant Plus Carnauba! OER®…
$19.99 ea
OER Secret Formula / Top Secret Canvas Top Protectant Kit *K89457
Model: 3452838
Condition: NEW
OER® Top Secret is a complete system for the care of canvas tops. In the first step, OER® incredible secret formula cleaner targets soil and dirt from, bird droppings, tree leaves, light stains from organic material and other…
$29.99 kt
OER Full Function 1.6 Quart Power Atomizer And Sprayer K89826
Model: 3447294
Condition: NEW
Detail your classic car or truck like a pro! Our full function OER® Authorized high pressure detailing sprayer saves time when compared to traditional detailing spray bottles. Featuring heavy duty construction, this full-function power…
$32.99 ea
OER 16 Oz HD Bottle & Sprayer Each K89801
Model: 3447263
Condition: NEW
This chemical resistant heavy duty sprayer and clear PET bottle is designed to hold up against harsh chemicals and solvents. This bottle can be used with all chemicals, even chemicals that cause standard trigger sprayers to fail and fall…
$6.99 st
OER Secret Formula Headlight Restorer Professional Polish 12 Oz. K89628
Model: 3447217
Condition: NEW
OER® Secret Formula Headlight Restorer Professional Polish for plastic headlight lenses is not only affordable, but unlike most of the other headlight restoration products available in the market, is a professional formula that is…
$16.99 ea
OER Secret Formula 12 oz Pro-Seal 109 Carnauba Paint Sealant K89626
Model: 3447216
Condition: NEW
OER® Secret Formula ProSeal 109 Carnauba Paint Sealant is a proprietary blend of fluorocarbon polymer resins that creates a slippery, slick barrier that accelerates water runoff and protects auto finishes from rain, acid rain, salt…
$16.99 ea
OER Secret Formula 1 Gallon Liquid Carnauba Cherry Wet Wax Creme K89625
Model: 3447215
Condition: NEW
Wax your car with brand new technology! OER® Cherry Wet Wax Creme Liquid Carnauba utilizes new technology in its special blend of polymers, resins and natural carnauba. OER® Secret Formula Cherry Wet Wax Creme Liquid Carnauba will…
$52.99 ea
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