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Model: 3123713
If you’re looking for maximum protection, the RIMSAVERS are our best product. Thinner and more durable than our original product, RIMSAVERS have a guide “lip” on the top side of the blade that offers extra protection AND easier…
RimBlades Original
Model: 3118166
RimBlades is our original wheel protection product, offering protection from minor curb scratches while maximizing the style of your rims. Priced as our mid-level line, RimBlades come in a variety of colors and are easily applied without…
RimBlades Trims4Rims
Model: 3118176
RimBlades Trims4Rims is a lightweight, economical wheel accessory that adds serious style to your wheels. They are easily installed on most wheels. They are thin walled with a strong adhesive backing tape. They are the perfect addition to…
RimBlades Scuffs
Model: 3118155
RimbBlades Scuffs is our top-of-the line wheel protection product, offering the most protection without sacrificing any style. Scuffs offer a thicker diameter of protection, and like all the RimBlades lines, are easily installed in minutes…
Classic Headquarters Front Wheel Bearing Cap, Ea (Bulk) W-087A
Model: 1008228
Condition: NEW
Faithful stamped steel exact reproduction of factory original "button" wheel bearing dust cap. GM Part # 3775190, 539153 Group 6.330 …
OER 4 Piece Stainless Steel Disc Brake Rally Wheel Cap Set *WR1014S
Model: 3442074
Condition: NEW
These Rally wheel center caps are a wonderful addition for your vehicle. The center cap includes the words "Chevrolet Motor Division Disc Brakes" and a Bow Tie in the center. Sold as a set of 4. Also available individually. See…
American Racing Wheel Center Cap Fasteners 970076
Model: 3869799
Condition: NEW
Screws, Wheel Center Cap Fasteners, Allen Head, Stainless Steel, Natural, Kit Brand:American Racing Part Type:Wheel Center Cap Fasteners Product Line:American Racing Wheel Center Cap Fasteners Wheel Center Cap Fastener…
OER Reproduction Rally Wheel Derby Cap with "Chevrolet Motor Division" WK10120
Model: 3448686
Condition: NEW
Originally installed on GM models with rally wheels, this cap is all you'll need to replace the center cap on your GM vehicle. Each OER® Authorized cap includes the chrome dish with the ornament attached that has the words Chevrolet…
Right Stuff Chevrolet, Pontiac Steering Arm DBSA02
Model: 2034212
Condition: NEW
67 - 69 Camaro 68 - 74 Nova Steering Arms Pair …
$110.59 ea $110.59
OER 1965-74 Spare Tire Anchor Plate 20066400
Model: 2035295
Condition: NEW
Be sure to protect your spare tire from unnecessary movement by checking your anchor plate. Acts as a clamp by holding the spare tire hold down rod in place after the nut is tightened. Officially Licensed GM Re storation Part®…
Disc Brake Spindle Backing Plate Gasket / Washer, Pair
Model: 3934177
Condition: NEW
These are the factory correct gasket washers that go between the spindle and the backing plate so the plate does not rattle against the back of the spindle. They are for all year cars with disc brakes.  …
OER SS Wheel Hub Cap Insert 3956772
Model: 3443818
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the center hub cap insert for Super Sport models. Features the correct black color with a white and silver trim SS logo as original. …
$8.99 ea $7.75
Legendary Wheels Alloy Rim SS HUBCAP-GM LW-HC009
Model: 3148161
Condition: NEW
$39.99 ea $37.96
Corvette Pace Car-Style Aluminum Replacement Wheel Set
Model: 1000133
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproductions of 1978 Corvette Pace Car Wheel Requires Wheel Cap(#50-10871) & Lug Nuts(50-10866) Aluminum Construction 15 x 8 5-Lug Orientation Sold Each A Corvette pace car style aluminum replacement wheel set may be just the…
$1,583.18 st $1,583.18
Front Disc Brake Spindles, Stock Height 1967-1974
Model: 3247797
Condition: NEW
  Quality Replacement Part Correct For Disk Brake Applications This is a stock height, factory disc brake spindle.  The original spindles can break due to stress from age and driving conditions. …
Corvette Aluminum Wheel, Set of 4, 1968-1979
Model: 1002297
Condition: NEW
Aluminum wheels were available as an option on 1976-82 Corvettes. Wheels can be used as a replacement or as an upgrade for all 1968-82 Corvettes. All wheels are 15" x 8." Lug nuts, center caps and emblems are available separately, and not…
$1,248.78 st $1,248.78
GM Factory Style Stamped Steel Wheel, Gray, 15x8
Model: 3310785
Condition: NEW
The uncomplicated steel wheel on a classic vehicle symbolizes simple mechanical elegance as well as boasts timeless durability. Compatible for use with a variety of high-performing General Motors models including 1955-1957 Chevrolet Bel…
OER 1967-70 Camaro / Chevy II / Nova Bumper Jack Assembly (Show Only) 3909108
Model: 2029383
Condition: NEW
Exact reproduction of the original bumper jack assembly. Includes base, stand and wrench mounting bracket. The jack load rest bracket is not included and must be purchased separately. Important: Due to the inherent dangers of this…
$180.99 st $168.64
Corvette Style Aluminum Replacement Wheel
Model: 1004393
Condition: NEW
Quality Reproduction of 1968-1979 Corvette Wheel Requires Wheel Cap(#50-10869) & Lug Nuts(#50-10865) Aluminum Construction 15 x 8 5-Lug Orientation Sold Each For Set, See Part #50-10827 A Corvette-style aluminum replacement wheel may be…
$286.99 ea $249.75
Steering Knuckle Spindle Washer, 1964-1996
Model: 3101832
Condition: NEW
Replacement steering knuckle washer used between the outer bearing and the spindle nut. For use on all 1967-92 models. …
OER 1969-70 SS Wheel Center Cap without Retainer A26097
Model: 3089370
Condition: NEW
The Super Sport wheel included this special ornament with the SS insert. The emblem was used on SS models only and includes brightly polished chrome. Includes mounting screws. Also sold as a set of 4. Use part # *R2566 for the set…
$25.99 ea $22.01
Nova Cap Set, Rally Wheel, Tall, Plastic, 1962-1978
Model: 3089383
Condition: NEW
Replacement Caps Less Expensive Then Original No Lettering On Cap Install Like Originals 4 Piece Set If you are installing those great Chevrolet rally wheels on your classic then these center caps will complete the job. Made of plastic but…
1966 Nova And Chevy II Jack Instruction Decal, Regular Wheel, Coupe And Sedan
Model: 3086688
Condition: NEW
Show Correct Reproduction Jack Instruction Decal For Nova And Chevy II Self Adhesive Vinyl Crisp, Dark Printing As Original Decals add a finishing touch to your 1966 Nova or Chevy II restoration. Our jacking instructions decal is self…
$6.99 ea $4.29
OER 16" X 8" Black GTA Style Alloy Wheel with 4-3/4" Backspacing and 0mm Offset 10104410
Model: 3230973
Condition: NEW
This reproduction GTA mesh alloy wheel was originally installed on 1987-92 Trans Am GTA and Trans Am models but will also fit 1967-92 Camaro and Firebird or other GM applications for a custom look. OER® offers the GTA wheel with a…
$368.99 ea $308.58
OER 1962-87 Alloy Wheel Center Cap for Zero Offset Aluminum Wheel - Chrome 10097582
Model: 3083996
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original GM alloy wheel center cap for use on a variety of GM aluminum wheels including the Snowflake, Turbine, GTA and Hi-Tech wheels. Each center cap is manufactured to exact factory specifications for an original…
$34.99 ea $32.33
Nova Wheel Center Cap, Super Sport, Without Retainer, 1969-1970
Model: 3445149
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original 1969-70 Wheel Ornament: Correct wheel ornament for use on all 1969-70 Super Sport Novas. The insert is included.…
Nova Wheel Bearing, Front, Inner, 1964-1978
Model: 3089432
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bearing …
Nova Wheel Bearing, Front, Outer, 1964-1978
Model: 3089426
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bearing …
Chevy II Or Nova, Wheel Bearing Dust Caps, Front, 1964-1972
Model: 3089424
Condition: NEW
This pair of caps looks just like the dust caps that rolled off of the assembly line with your Chevy II or Nova with the correct button top and bright zinc finish. …
Nova Bearing, Rear Seal, 1964-1979
Model: 3089417
Condition: NEW
Manufactured To OE Specifications Stamped Steel Rubber Lip To Keep From Coming Out Spring Tensioner Made In The USA Two Required Nova rear axle bearing seals are a must-have item when embarking on your 1964-1979 Nova axle renovation. Axle…
Nova Rear Wheel Bearing, 1964-1979
Model: 3089416
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bearing …
Nova Corvette Style Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts, 5-pc
Model: 3089405
Condition: NEW
Quality Aluminum Lug Nuts Aluminum Construction For Use WIth 76-82 Corvette Style Wheels Accomodates 1 Corvette Wheel Set of 5 Nova Corvette style aluminum lug nuts are required when upgrading your Nova's wheels to the Corvette wheels…
Nova Corvette Style Aluminum Wheel Lug Nuts
Model: 3089404
Condition: NEW
Quality Aluminum Lug Nuts Aluminum Construction For Use WIth 76-82 Corvette Style Wheels Accomodates Wheel Set Set of 20 Nova Corvette style aluminum lug nuts are required when upgrading your Nova's wheels to the Corvette wheels. Secure…
Nova Center Cap, SS Wheel, 1969-1970
Model: 3089357
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Insert Is Included …
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