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Engine Orange Spray Paint, High Temperature
Model: 2034843
Condition: NEW
A good selection of excellent quality, reasonably priced paints that provide durability and protection with appearances similar to factory original. All in easy to use aerosol spray cans. …
$16.99 ea
Paint, Cast Iron Blast Aerosol
Model: 1008920
Condition: NEW
$11.99 ea
Hot Stuff Exhaust Manifold Dressing
Model: 1003289
Condition: NEW
Hot Stuff is more than just ordinary header paint. This space-age blend of stainless steel and ceramic compounds is the ideal coating for cast iron exhaust manifolds! It withstands 2400F° (manifolds rarely exceed 1200°F). Only minimal…
$19.99 ea
Paint, Cast Iron Spray Coat Hi-Temp
Model: 1008921
Condition: NEW
$16.99 ea
Shock Absorber Paint, Gray
Model: 1027184
Condition: NEW
Cannot be shipped by air. 12 oz Can   …
$14.99 ea $10.04
Calyx Exhaust Manifold Dressing
Model: 2034811
Condition: NEW
To keep your cast iron exhaust manifolds looking concours prepared perfect, use Calyx Manifold Dressing. It applies with a flannel cloth and polishes to a silver shine in seconds. After the manifold is prepared with calyx, apply when…
$28.99 ea
Chevy Truck - POR-15 Top Coat Paint, Quart, Assorted Colors
Model: 3128580
Condition: NEW
Prevents Rust By Protecting Against Moisture No Need For Primer Or Undercoat Can Be Applied Directly To A Clean Prepared Metal Surface Will Not Chip, Crack, Or Peel Use Over POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating For The Ultimate In…
from $47.99 qt
Engine Spray Paint, Orange
Model: 3132833
Condition: NEW
•Exact Match To Original Small Block Engine Orange •High Temperature/High Gloss •12 Oz. Spray This Chevy engine orange spray enamel paint matches the original Chevrolet color used on small block engines. Use this paint for in-car…
$45.99 ea
Shipped from Canada
No Brokerage or Duties
Canadian Owned 2021