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Classic Sound Deadening Insulation, Premium Package

Classic Sound Deadening Insulation, Premium Package
Classic Sound Deadening Insulation, Premium PackageClassic Sound Deadening Insulation, Premium Package
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Model: 3014130
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This new sound deadening package is the new standard in classic car sound deadening. As you know, factory insulation was minimal and allowed for a great deal of noise and air to transfer through your car which is why you experience so much additional vibration and vehicle noise on the older cars, as well as losing precious heat and air conditioning when running these systems. Since then, there have been many products developed for new cars to reduce road noise and better overall insulation creating a quieter ride, better heat and cooling retention in addition to a more comfortable interior environment. The dampening material in our package is over 200% more dampening than stock asphalt materials. Our main floor material is a composite with a solid vinyl barrier bonded to a foam layer which acts as a spring to reduce noise and absorb shock in the car when driving, creating a much quieter vehicle. This is the same type of material being used in newer car factory designed systems. We then use a heat formable material for the door panels that will actually take the shape of your door shell with a heat dryer, this will seal out vibration through your door and lost air when heating and cooling your car. Finally, we have a foam material with lead core that can be hand shaped to mold to the contour of your tunnel hump. Normally, you would use a flat sheet and try to wrap over a tunnel hump which cannot pick up the shape of the factory tunnel. Our premium sound deadening package will make your parts fit tighter and will give you a huge improvement in the reduction of noise and vibration. You get the quiet ride you want with the good looks and fun of a classic car, the best of both worlds! The kit includes enough material to do a complete two door car: floors, doors, rear quarter area and behind rear seat. Kit includes: one 37 X 57 Dampening sheet, 10 each 13 X 30 Aluminum dampening sheets, one barrier pad with lead core for forming to the tunnel hump, and four sheets of the loaded vinyl with foam padding. Additional materials can be ordered separately for four door applications.


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Classic Sound Deadening Insulation, Premium Package:

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