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Chevy HEI Power & Tach Feed Wires
Model: 3102498
Condition: NEW
HEI Power Pigtails will get power from your ignition to your HEI distributor on a GM HEI. Package includes an 8 in. lead and plug into the OEM distributor cap. …
$10.99 st
Proform Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit, Fits GM HEI Distributor, 3 Sets of Springs 66948C
Model: 2032821
Condition: NEW
HEI Advance Curve Kit. Offered with three sets of springs for custom curving your own distributor. Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit Fits GM HEI Models 1996 and Earlier Will Not Work On Computer Controlled HEI…
$13.99 ea
Distributor Rotor, For HEI, AC Delco
Model: 3158927
Condition: NEW
  High Quality AC Delco Replacement Distributor Rotor Tough Injection Molded Plastic Precision High Temp Contact & Tip For V8 With HEI Ignition The ignition system in your vehicle can really wreak havoc on your fun…
$12.99 ea
Nova Distributor Hold Down, Chrome, V8, Small Block, 1967-1979
Model: 3086117
Condition: NEW
Great Chrome Dress Up Item Includes Chrome Plated Bolt For Small Block Engines 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979 Nova small block engine is an iconic and timeless engine in the Chevrolet lineup…
$6.99 ea
Chevy Nova Ignition Distributor Cap, With HEI, 1974-1979
Model: 3088278
Condition: NEW
Replacement Cap Use With HEI This Chevy Nova replacement distributor HEI cap meets or exceeds factory specifications and performance. Whether you're doing a tune up or an upgrade, you'll find this HEI distributor cap compatible rotor will…
$15.99 ea
Nova Distributor Hold Down And Bolt, V8, Small Block, 1967-1969
Model: 3086115
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Correct Finish For Factory Appearance For Small Block V8 Engine 1967, 1968, 1969 Nova small block engines are a thing of beauty, top off your engine restoration with this correct distributor hold down. Part of the…
$6.99 ea
Nova Distributor Cap, 1968-1974
Model: 3267796
Condition: NEW
Replacement Of Original For Points Style Distributors Includes Spring Loading Locking Screws Durable Molded Plastic Like Original Chevrolet Nova distributor caps tend to wear and break down over time. If your distributor cap is damaged…
$26.99 ea
MSD GM HEI Distributor Coil 8225
Model: 1028567
Condition: NEW
HEI owners now have a choice to replace their stock coil with the MSD high energy unitized coil for GM HEI distributors. This coil is a direct replacement of the stock coil and offers increased spark energy when used with the MSD HEI…
$117.99 ea
Proform Engine Distributor Vacuum Advance Canister, Fits GM HEI Models, Adjustable Style 66952C
Model: 2032822
Condition: NEW
Adjustable. Engine Distributor Vacuum Advance Canister Fits GM HEI Models 1996 and Earlier Will Not Work With Computer Controlled HEI Distributors Adjustable Style Allows User To Fine-Tune The Vacuum Advance For Optimum…
$28.99 ea
Ignition Control Module, For HEI, AC Delco
Model: 3181145
Condition: NEW
  High Quality AC Delco Replacement Ignition Module Original GM Ignition Control Specs Precision High Temp Terminals For V8 With HEI Ignition   The ignition system in your vehicle can really wreak havoc on your…
$69.99 ea
Accel Distributor Cap And Rotor Kit 8122
Model: 3083129
Condition: NEW
ACCEL cap and rotor kits offer superior protection from arc-thru and crossfire. Features 60k V-rated alkyd compound, stress-relieved at molding to ensure stability. Brass inserts and steel rotor springs provide for high spark energy…
$44.99 ea
Nova AC Delco, Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit, For Standard Ignition, 1965-1974
Model: 3086120
Condition: NEW
Original AC Delco Part For All Single Point Distributors Correct Fit Fits L6 And V8 Engines Also Fits 69-70 SS With 396 Engine Made In USA Tired of replacing burned up points on your 1965-1974 Nova. The advantage to the AC Delco Electronic…
$416.99 ea
MSD Distributor Cap 8433
Model: 3917900
Condition: NEW
MSD molds our most popular V8 distributor caps in-house. These caps are injection molded from DuPont? Rynite material and feature spark plug-style terminals. These terminals offer improved locking connections and the Rynite material is…
$61.99 ea
MSD Distributor Cap And Rotor Kit 84023
Model: 3206389
Condition: NEW
The cap and rotor of any ignition system must be considered maintenance items. Just as you change the oil and filter of your car, you should always replace the cap and rotor as a set. To make things easy, we now offer these cap and rotor…
$112.99 ea
Ignition Coil, For HEI, AC Delco
Model: 3133999
Condition: NEW
  High Quality AC Delco Replacement Coil Original GM Ignition Volt Rating Precision High Temp Wiring & Contact Surfaces For V8 With HEI Ignition The ignition system in your vehicle can really wreak havoc on your fun…
$125.99 ea
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